Check-in procedures

This is an explanation of information on how to check in at the airport, how to use the automatic check-in machine, and check-in procedures.


  • What to prepare
  • Automatic check-in machine

    Simply enter your booking number and confirmation number for easy check-in. A convenient automatic check-in machine is recommended for check-in. Seat selection and receipt issuance are also available.

  • Counter

    If you are using a fare that requires proof of documents, please complete the procedure at the ANA counter.

Please note

Please complete check-in and checked baggage as soon as possible.
Please bring your boarding pass received at check-in and proceed to the security checkpoint.

* The deadline for passing through the security checkpoint is 20 minutes before the departure time.
Please note that you may not be able to board after this time.

2.Pass through the security checkpoint

  • What to prepare
  • What you must put out on the tray
    • Electronic devices such as personal computers and mobile phones
    • Liquids such as pet bottle beverages
    • Metals such as belts and keys

    * Knives, scissors, pointed objects, bats, and weapons will be disposed of. Please check in at the baggage pick-up counter in advance.


Please touch the 2D barcode device with the "boarding pass" you received at check-in.

Please note

Please pass through the security checkpoint at least 20 minutes before departure.

* Please note that you may not be able to board after this time.

3.Boarding gate

  • What to prepare

Please wait near the boarding gate until the boarding announcement starts. When passing through the boarding gate, please touch the 2D barcode on your boarding pass to pass through the gate.

Please note

Please arrive at the boarding gate at least 10 minutes before departure.

※ You may not be able to board after this time