About baggage

This is an explanation of baggage check-in and carry-on restrictions.

Carry-on baggage

Carry-on baggage
Size 3 sides sum within 100cm
(within 45x35x20cm)
Weight Up to 10kg
Number of baggage Up to 1 piece per person

* Even if the baggage is within the applicable range, if it cannot be stored in the cabin, it may be checked in as checked baggage.

Checked baggage

Checked baggage
Size 3 sides of sum within 203cm
Weight Up to 100kg (free up to 20kg)
excess baggage fare will be charged fo each baggage exceeding 20 kg
Number No limit
  • * Please finish your check-in procedures and check-in luggage as soon as possible so that you can pass through the security checkpoint at least 15 minutes before the departure time. (From October 27, 2019, the deadline for passing through the security checkpoint changed 20 minutes before the departure time.)
  • * If you are connecting to ANA or SNA flights, you can check-in your baggage to your destination. (Tickets to the destination must be presented.)
  • * The excess baggage fee is 1,500 yen from 21 kg to 30 kg (2,500 yen for Fukuoka to Komatsu line, Fukuoka to Chubu line, Chubu to Miyazaki line, Chubu to Akita line), and +1,000 yen will be added for every 10 kg.
  • * If you can check-in baggage with a sum of more than 203 cm on the three sides, please contact the ORC Reservation Center in advance. We may not be able to keep it because of the space installed.

About large baggage

Skis, surfboards, golf bags, fishing equipment, diving equipment, etc. will be accepted only if they can be mounted in the cargo room of the aircraft.
・ Standard length that can be mounted.
DHC-8-201(Q82)・・・within 160 cm  DHC-8-400(Q84)・・・within 180 cm  ATR42-600(42R)・・・within 210 cm
* Even if it is the length within the standard, it may not be possible to check it in depending on the conditions of other baggage. If it cannot be installed, customers may arrange their own courier service.

Keeping pets

Keeping pets

4,500 yen per line(6,500 yen for Fukuoka to Komatsu line, Fukuoka to Chubu line, Chubu to Miyazaki line, Chubu to Akita line)

Pets (small birds, dogs, cats) will be checked in as baggage.

  • *If you would like to borrow a cage, please let us know at the time of check-in.
  • *If you wish to check-in your pets, please let us know at the time of booking.
  • * After keeping your pet, you will not be able to supply food or water, so please do it yourself by the time you leave.

  • [About pet storage from May 1 to October 31]
  • The following short-head species cannot be checked in from May 1 to October 31, as there is a risk of physical condition in the summer environment.

    Bulldog, French Bulldog, Boxer, Shih Tu, Boston Terrier, Bull Terrier, Kings Charles, Spaniel, Civetan Spaniel Brussels Griffon, Chow Chow, Pug, Chin, Pekinies

Baggage with restrictions on check-in and carry-on baggage (dangerous goods, etc.)

Cannot be checked in or carried on board (example)

High-pressure gas Refill gas for lighters / Cylinders for diving / Gas for camping / Gas for cassette stoves / Spray cans / Fire extinguishers ... etc.
Ignitable liquid Fuel for oil lighters / lighters / paints ... etc.
Combustible substances Match/ Charcoal... etc.
Gunpowder Fireworks/ Crackers / Ammunition... etc.
Corrosive substances Liquid battery / Mercury / Heated bento ... etc.
Poisons Insecticides/ Pesticides ... etc.
Oxidizing substances Small oxygen generator / peroxide / bleach ... etc.
Other hazardous substances Radioactive materials / Magnets / Engines ... etc.
  • The following products cannot be carried on board or checked-in because corrosive substances (sodium chlorite aqueous solution) are generated during use.
    [Target products] Kleberin (standing type, pen type, hook type)
    * You can bring in or accept a disinfectant solution (including gel type) that can be applied directly to the skin.

    There are disinfectant products (spray type, etc.) which ingredients do not correspond to dangerous goods, and products with similar product names that can be applied directly to the skin (sterilization gel for hand skin, etc.), but they can still be transported as cosmetics. is.

    We will inform you of any changes in other products.

    In addition, representative examples of items that cannot be carried on board or checked in, or items that can be carried on board or checked under certain conditions are posted on the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism website. Please check in advance if any of your belongings are classified as dangerous goods.

Things can be checked in or carry-on under certain conditions

* Up to 1 small smoking lighter per person, and safety matches (small) can be carried on board, but please be careful not to leave them behind.

Alcoholic beverages

Conditions Alcohol in more than 24% and below 70%
* There is no limit to alcohol content of 24% or less.
Quantity (per person) 5 liters
Bring in

Non-radioactive cosmetics and pharmaceuticals (including sprays)

Conditions 1 container 0.5 kg or 0.5 liters or less
* The spray is protected by a cap or an appropriate method to prevent accidental leakage of the contents.
Quantity (per person) 2kg or 2 liters
Bring in

Spray of sports equipment and daily necessities

Conditions Other than ignitable and toxic gases
The injection valve is capped or protected in an appropriate way to prevent accidental leakage of the contents
1 container of 0.5 kg or 0.5 liters or less
Quantity (per person) 2kg or 2 liters
Bring in ×

Smoking Lighter Safety Match

Condition For smoking usage
* Due to the structure, oil tank type lighters that do not contain absorbents (cotton) cannot be brought in or checked in. (Excluding liquefied gas lighters)
* It is limited to those that you can carry and for smoking purpose.
Not allowed in carry-on baggage.
Quantity (per person) One of the smaller ones
Bring in
Check-in ×

Dry ice

Condition For cooling perishable foods, etc. usage
Up to 2.5kg per person
Quantity (per person) 2.5kg
Bring in


Condition Sports and hunting ammunition
Up to 5 kg per person
Quantity (per person) 5kg (including packaging
Bring in ×

Hair Curler

Condition Filled with hydrocarbon gas with a safety cover attached to the heat source
* Gas cartridges for refilling cannot be brought in or checked in.
* Hair curler that come with a cloth cover can be used with gas removed or checked in.
Quantity (per person) 1
Bring in

Liquid battery (storage battery)

Condition Used in electric wheelchairs or electric drive aids
Quantity (per person) No limit
Bring in ×

Spare battery for electric wheelchairs
Lithium-ion battery

Restrictions Bring-in Check-in
Watt-hour rating (Wh) quantity
160Wh or less 2 ×
Anything over 160Wh and
less than 300Wh
1 ×
Over 300Wh - × ×

* The battery set on the wheelchair body is not included in the spare battery. Please remove the battery in order to safely transport the electric wheelchair. Please bring the battery on board in a packed state to protect it from impact.

Inflatable life jacket and spare cylinder

Condition Fitted with a small cylinder filled with carbon dioxide
Quantity (per person) 1 jacket (2 cylinders)
2 spare cylinders
Bring in

Dissipates heat devices

Classification Condition
“Watt-hour rating (Wh) = rated quantitation
(Ah) × rated voltage (V)”
Limit on the number of pieces Bring in Deposit
General electronic devices equipped with built-in lithium batteries or lithium-ion batteries (batteries)

[Product example]
Mobile phones, radios, transceivers, laptops, digital cameras, mobile terminals, handy copies, printers, handy terminals, e-book players, portable game consoles, camera equipment, etc.
Electronic device body ・Lithium batteries with a content of 2g or less
・Lithium-ion batteries (batteries) with a watt-hour rating of 160Wh or less
Are not limited
Spare batteries ・Lithium batteries with a content of 2g or less
・Lithium-ion batteries (batteries) with a watt-hour rating of 100Wh or less
No restrictions ×
・Lithium-ion batteries (batteries) with a watt-hour rating exceeding 100w and not exceeding 160w 2 pieces ×
Electronic devices equipped with a large lithium battery or a large lithium-ion battery (battery)

[Product example]
Large camera equipment, electric vehicles, electric robots, etc.
Electronic device body ・Lithium batteries with a content exceeding 2g
・Lithium-ion batteries (batteries) with a watt-hour rating exceeding 160 Wh
- × ×
Spare batteries ・Lithium batteries with a content exceeding 2g
・Lithium-ion batteries (batteries) with a watt-hour rating exceeding 160 Wh
- × ×

When carrying a spare battery (battery) of an electronic device on board, it is necessary to protect the battery (battery) individually so that it does not short-circuit. Take measures such as storing it in a retail container at the time of purchase or insulating the terminal (protecting the exposed terminal with tape, etc., or storing individual batteries in separate plastic bags or protective pouches).

Examples of Dangerous Goods by Air Transportation – MLIT